Thursday, August 26, 2010

EGO please go away!

ego in simple word can be replaced by self-centered. people always said that men are ego. yes i have to agree with that. even woman doesn't have that ego badly. we can say that everybody had an ego, just its depend on their level. some people had a low level of ego and some are the opposite of it. well, as usual i had a story of every post that i did. this time it involve ego.

i already informed to you guys about my mini project on aquaponic for my integrated aquaculture subject. we had done it almost 3 weeks now. and it looks very well for now. no died fish. there is a person in my group that such a snobbish guy. and yes he is an ego type of person. well i should refer him as Mr. snobbish then. as in all 4 teams of this subject, only my group didn't use filter sponge to filter the water of the tank. it doesn't cost that much to buy a filter so that my friend and i ask Mr. snobbish to buy a filter as he had a bike and all had agreed to it. 2 weeks had passed and there is no filter in my tank. we asked him if he had bought it yet but he asked us back if we really need it as our fishes are still alive. but still the water in the tank had turn into GREEN! yes that green. i can't see any fish movement. green water is good for both fish and plant but i'm afraid that ammonia level will increase as we hadn't check it yet for two weeks (there is no equipment to check it unless we had to go to laboratory to do it manually). after been pushed, that Mr. snobbish bought it and asked my friend and i when to put it in the tank. he keeps on teasing us about it. "korang kan nak yang perfect je"

last Tuesday, i forgot to asked my friend who stayed at hostel to feed the fish as we had class at 12 and we don't have any transport except our umt bus. as she also forgot about it we were going to feed it at the evening until Mr. snobbish called asked us whether we had fed the fish yet. we met him and he start to nag about our responsible in this job and what will happen if we didn't fed the fish (he said that fishes will attacked each other and died; such an extremely thinker!). fish can survive in a week without food especially catfish! we just didn't fed it less than 24 hour is it gonna die???? then he keep blaming my friend up until in Facebook? be patient, we are in the fasting month. is he that ego to just let it go? we had just forget what he said to us but he keep it on so that he can proud of what he did. i look like i care?

men out there....please be a little bit gentle and lower down your ego because by lowering your ego doesn't kill you. do you always want to win? no wonder women always get hurt by men. heartless person. i can't imagine how to face him next week? i just want to be just like a snow cold as ice. thats all for today. @__@

Saturday, August 14, 2010

i want to write something but i don't know what. should i write about responsibility? do you a person who people can trust or can be lean on? well lets think about it, shall we?

i am 21 years olds this year and yes i know i'm a big girl right now. no, i am an adult. still, i don't know what should i do or don't in my life. i have to look up to my friends and my family before making a decision or doing something. do it looks like i am not capable in doing things? what should i do? see i'm asking you guys to help me again. -.-"

i have a lots of responsibility now.
1) be a role models to my siblings
2) take care of my new aqua project
3) another catfish to look after
4) a lots of group member to take care(presentations,labs,classes)
5) my house as our leader of this house had move into hostel now
6) a good accountant so that there will no overspent accident happens
7) a good friend (all for one and one for all)
8) a good daughter for my lovely parents
9) a good chef as this month we are fasting ;p
10) a good student to get a good result
11) a good listener so that people will listen to me
12) take care of myself (i turned into an owl lately to finish up my works)

hahahaha....that just a few things i should do that lots of people had done right? sigh* i don't know how to manage myself right now. i felt so miserable even my problems are just simple as pie. but pie is not that simple right? hahahaha....i'm turning into a crazy person. i think i should arrange all my stuff in my head on their place back. ok this one is here and that one is here. ok i'm done! happy fasting everyone! ^__^

Thursday, August 12, 2010

my lovely crocs....GONE!!!!

oh my god! seriously i don't know what to say anymore. patient young lady! huhuhuhu...i felt so sad just now. after done prayed Zohor, i got class at 4 in the evening. so i went to the hatchery to fed my catfish. then i went back to surau. i just went in there less than 20 minutes i guess and grey crocs had gone! and i just laugh saying that my friends hide it on purpose for fun. so, sarah and i went all over that place to find it but there was no sign of it. i called my friend; nurul that went out earlier to submit our report whether she hide my shoes. i'm already late for my class! nurul and niesah came to help me find my shoes. they went all over the place but still it was hopeless. i really don't understand it. why there is a person who ever stole a shoes in this fasting month? and at surau? what was that suppose to mean? oh my god! im really mad on that time. i have no shoes to wear and automatically i just skipped my class. luckily, the class was only 20 minutes as my lecturer's pendrive was i don't know virus maybe. so he just talked about the quiz next week and class dismissed. what a relief! but still had no shoes to wear. niesah asked her 'friend' to buy me a slipper but then my housemate came to rescue me by brought my other slipper. thanks a lot wani!

beware of crocs' thieves! =.="

waaa..i wore it for labs and now its gone T_T

my cutie buttons also gone with it

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

integrated aquaculture

hmm...its been a very hectic days nowadays. i need to look after my new project. we had finally made a decision to culture tilapia and salad. but then, when we been there, there only had catfish and spinach. oh my god...i hate it when everything that we had discussed did not work out. must go on! catfish pun catfish laa. hahaha...actually i want to upload some pictures we took on that day but it seems that this blog had something wrong. i will upload the pictures and updating the progression of my new project. please pray for our project to be success and we can sell the end product ;p

and lastly, i want to wish to all muslims around the world; happy fasting. Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadhan. hopes that this holy month will bring us nearer to Allah. amin.