Tuesday, June 29, 2010

mode:: very2x SAD

anak kucing hilang...!!!!
alamak ai aku baru je nak memberanikan diri dengan kucing, tetiba anak2 kucing aku yg sgt comel dh hilang. sobss3x T__T

sekor tu dh la sgt manja dengan aku. kalo nak tido mesti de panjat and tido atas kaki aku. even muka de tak la secomel adik de yg belang 2....tp i missed them like crazy. adik aku ulis 2 dh nangis gile terok semalam. yg tak ley blah 2 kan, mak ngn abah aku suh adik aku 2 solat hajat ngn baca yaasin. dh macam anak adik aku lak yg hilang. hehehehehehe

yes, adik aku sgt sayang dgn kucing2 peliharaan de. adik aku yg sorang neh la yg iya2 nk bela kucing kt rumah aku. aku ngn mak aku mula2 bantah gila la sebab aku neh xbrapa sesuai dgn bulu kucing. tapi apalah daya aku nk melawan cakap abah aku tu kan?

nasib2x, dh 3 hari dh anak kucing tu hilang. korang agak2 anak kucing 2 hidup lg x? ke ada org curi eh? entah la....

Monday, June 21, 2010

my new sweetheart~

yup, im in love right now....! with this Mr. Hippie~ his yellow skin makes my heart beat so hard. those 2 teeth are so adorable~ but wait, is this hippo a male or female? it has flower on it butt....hahahaha never mind. love is blind. so, just pretend it is a male one. ^___^
by the way, kamsahamida omma for this yellow hippo! really appreciate it

Sunday, June 20, 2010

In My Dreams by Super Junior

i was so obsessed with both super junior and this drama---->Cinderella's Stepsister!

She comes back
She says she’s sorry
The skilled hands these I missed caress my own
The apologetic eyes that look at me
the voice I want to hear
Tenderly telling me not to cry
If I hold you in my arms
and you disappear
The tears flow and my pillow becomes wet
At last I wake up from my Sleep
The Morning is always like that…
I wish I would fall asleep forever like this
I wake up with her presence still…
although I hope I don’t dream again,
Like today, it seems I fall asleep with her presence
She’s smiling
It’s really been too long
I’ve missed that expression
She’s my Girl, isn’t she?
She’s walking away
Embracing another person
My chest ‘s like it’s being crushed under a heavy weight
I’m dreaming again, right?
Cold sweat runs down my body
It hurts to dream about things,
I hate to remember
I can’t do anything all day long
We’ll spend lot of time together, right…
I wish I would fall asleep forever like this
I wake up with her presence still…
although I hope I don’t dream again,
Like today, it seems I fall asleep with her presence
Everything is becoming cloudy
but her image is getting stronger
Like I dreamed yesterday, today she comes to me
Now I don’t sleep alone anymore
I wish I would fall asleep forever like this
I wake up with her presence still…
If I could only see you today too,
If I could do it again,
If you came back again…
If you slept by my side one more time
If that happened once again,
I wouldn’t want to wake up
If I could fall asleep…

translated by: Kymee @Mylittlesuperdongbang

Thursday, June 17, 2010


petang tadi sesudah penat main bowling (penat tunggu turn), aku ajak adik2 aku mengisi perut di suatu kedai makanan cepat (fast food) yang ada cap pak cik tua. aku pesan makanan dan harga yang patut aku bayar ialah RM13.95. aku memberi dua keping not merah kepada akak cashier yang tiada ukiran senyuman di wajahnya. baki yang aku dapat ialah RM6.00. eh bukan ka RM6.05? aku nampak akak cashier pengang duit syiling, akak ni nak bagi ka tak balance aku? aku tengok muka akak tu dengan pandangan yang keliru dan innocent.

miss keliru:: "akak, tadi berapa eh?"
akak $:: "RM13.95, baki de RM6.05"
miss keliru:: "emmm tapi akak bg RM6.00...."
akak $:: "sori ye adik, td akak tersilap tekan RM50. adik bagi akak RM20 kan?"
miss keliru:: "haah, tp 5sen lg mana kak?" (sambil tgk tangan akak $)
akak $:: "kami tak dak 5sen la adik...." (sambil hulur tangan bagi 10sen ngn muka nyampah)
miss keliru:: "oh, tak pe la kak" (amik gak 10sen tu sebab akak tu mcm nak marah je)

ok, aku bukan nak berkira sangat dengan 5sen tu. tapi kenapa akak tu nak mengelat bila aku tanya balance aku? kenapa akak tu tak cakap awal2 deorg mmg tak ada 5sen. senang, tak la aku rasa mcm akak tu nak 'pau' duit aku. abis tu kalau masa akan datang, kedai tu tak ada duit 50 sen adakah deorg nak berdiam diri mcm tu jugak? nasib baik kena kat org tempatan. kalau kena kat tourist yang sememangnya sentiasa berpusu-pusu kat area tu mcm mana? tak ke nnt jatuh maruah orang melayu kita? kena kat orang yang tak kisah tak pe, kalau orang mcm haji bakhil? ish3x....dah la tak senyum langsung kat customer, kerek lak tu. ish, mmg membakar jiwa neh. aku mmg cukup pantang cashier kerek. maksu kata (maksu aku selalu part time kat kedai2 fast food) kalau kerja kat bahagian cashier, mulut kena selalu senyum even customer marah2.




it is a city that known as the world's greatest beautiful cities of art. for me it is a romantic place to visit as a honeymoon package as you can enjoy riding gondola with your partner hehehehe~

city of art

as far as i known, Venice is known as art cities because of its architecture and culture. there are lots of beautiful buildings that fulled with story and history (i think so ~_~). their cinemas and church are very in detail. it says that their style is probably Gothic with a bit combination of Gothic lancet arch with Byzantine and Arab influence. no wonder their buildings are such an eye catching!

gondola. ok lets talk about my favourite part. as Venice is surrounded by water or also known as "The Floating City", waterways are more popular there. gondolas are mostly used by tourists, weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. waterbuses (vaporetti) are another water transport other than gondola and private boat. ok, it doesn't mean that Venice doesn't have any land transports. like i was said before, i love gondola!

"Floating City"

this are some places that you should go if you had a chance to go to Venice (plus, it s free!);
-Piazza San Marco
-Basilica di San Marco
-Venice Waterfront - St. Mark's Basin
-Grand Canal
-Rialto Bridge
-Venetian Ghetto
-Canali, Campi, & Calli
-Shopping Street
-Island of the Lagoon

and some other places that i didn't know~

so....thats it for this time. btw, my favourite team for FIFA this year is ITALY ! ^___^

Monday, June 14, 2010

its all about me...!!!!!

mE: i hate holidays~~

1) im getting fat,FAT & FATTER!!!
2) im such a lazy person as exercise is so so a big work!
3) toO many goOd looking foods
4) laying around is so fascinating
5) im into drama especially korean drama
6) nagging is just part of me (oh no!)
7) i only read novels but not newspaper (totally out of date)
8) too many surfing
9) suddenly im in love with chowder!!!
10) what am i talking about rite now????

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Single mingle hahahaha~


hahahaha....single is fun! you know why? want to know why? because you can feel free to like anybody that attracts you. XD muahahahahaha~

he is soO handsome even he's a bit old....who cares! ;p

Girls out there!

dont you ever ever feel like you have been left out or out of date if you dont have any guys in your life. hey, you still got me because FRIENDS always stand by your side no matter who you are. trust me my dear!

Guys out there,

please, onegai, tolonglah dont play with girl's heart. because our heart is just like a chipsmore; easily broke into pieces. we should think a way to make cookies harden. lots of baking powder will help isnt it?

People out there~
everybody had their own soulmate. it had been written on our faith that he or she will be our forever partner. so why do we have to rush it? just follow the right path. good girl is for the good guy; same thing for guys too.

i love you
wo ai ni
je t'iame
te amo
saya cinta awak
ana behibak/behibek
sarang hae

Sunday, June 6, 2010


SUNDAY 30 may 2010:
>hntar my dad pg umrah
>b'tolak ke a.star

>b'tolak ke seremban(bas::10.30 pg)
>smpai dlm kul 6.30 ptg
>blk umah dira-rehat

>doing nothing
>got idea-go to kL

>went to kL by KTM 9.30 pg
>smpai kL sntral 10.45 pg-went kg baru by putra
>shopping, sit at park (klcc) and watch movie(nitemare at elm st)

>kinokuniya wif farah dina (bought manikam kalbu)
>shopping at romp and besday cake
>went to UIA- celebrate duyah's besday ^__^

besday duyah~

>being nanny for little wardina
>pick up my aunt at klcc and 'pau' my brother for dinner(sushi)
>b'tolak ke kedah(bas::cosmic)

>K.E.K.I.T.A's gathering!!!!
>drink while gossip,pray at pusat dakwah, mkn lak smbil gosip lg, men bowling, snap for memories~
>sg petani(org tgh naziha jmp Mr ehem2) hehehehe

next top models ahaks XD

azira ngn gaya pro nya ;p

>kenduri kawen sedara naziha
>naik feri utk pulang ke LANGKAWI

hahahahahaha...sgt puas hati dpt jmp member skolah lama even sgt3x terkilan x dpt jmp ex-rumate kt matrix(msh b'kecil hati!!). but i had met my lovely friends very enjoy being with you guys~~

p/s: thanx to my moving bank(mommy) yg support my travel...! love u mom~