Thursday, July 29, 2010

its been a while i didn't write on this blog. hahahaha...its only a few days actually right? ok this time i want to tell you guys about my studies in my lovely gorgeous beautiful university (my english lecturer phrase). im taking Bc. Sc. of Agrotechnology (Aquaculture). people alway asked me, "what really do you study in that course?". ok ladies and gentlemen, my study course is about culturing any types of creature that lives in the water; fishes and plants. we learn how to culture fishes in the ponds, streams or even in a tank. we even learn to culture seaweeds in the sea (haven't done it yet, but i love to try it!).

this year, as a second year student plus a senior to my junior (hahahaha) we gonna start making a small project on integrated aquaculture on aquaphonic culture, a simple project on live food culture and yes we are on a trip to Senai to the biggest ornamental farm (in Malaysia) and artemia farm. i think the second year on my studies are better than when we are in the first year because we had started making real project. its not that the first year are worst, it just i love making project rather than learning something that we cannot do it in the real life. i don't like theory without practical. even we have labs but still i can't see the connection between them. trips might open up the students mind. not just things that we see in the labs. i want to see a real culture pond since i haven't been there.

at first, it might sound funny when a woman/ladies/girl like me to join a fisheries industries that we already known that majority control by men. but then, it seems like it is a fun thing for everybody to learn. woman could easily known which part of body fish better than men.

im trying to focus on landscaping just like before as i can't be an architect right now. hahahaha....i want to culture ornamental fishes and at the same time i want to be a outdoor designer. pond's designer. with lots of Koi swimming in there. hehehehe...ok that all for today. i got to go to my "iktiofisiologi" class now. see you guys next time!

Monday, July 19, 2010

MooD:: a bit DOWN ~.~"

arghhh....its been a very tiring week last week. dropping and adding subject. checking classes. i totally confuse and almost crazy as the timetable is all messed up. i can't take this subject because it clash with my other classes. i have to attend my lab 1 hour late because of my English class. then my lab's lecturer already mumbling in his pakistan-english words. @__@

that's not a real problem here. my closest friends been attacking me (hahahaha not with guns). they talk to me with high pitch tone (almost like yelling). i know everybody has their own problems but please don't be mad at me. i can lend you my ears if you want it. just don't stares at me like that. everything i done seems wrong. i can't say that i can't say this. what should i do to make you pleased? i already asked you what happened but still you said that i'm such a busybody girl who keep buzzing in your life. hey, you are my friend ok? i can't stand to see you crying in the dark.

but then my life is fulled again. my sisTA, Farah Dina Hamzah. whenever i chat with her i feel happy. everything seems back to normal. i feel free when i talk to her. joking around and talking about her MR.ADAM. hahahaha...sorry and THANK YOU sis! ^__^

people out there! we can't hide our feeling inside. find someone or something to let it go. your problems can't solve if you keep it down to yourself. some people play sport to let it go or some people would just write it down in a blog just like me! for Muslims, i suggest you to read al-Quran whenever you feel down. Alhamdulillah, i feel better now. ok got to go now. please pray for my days to be as bright as Mr. Sunny out there!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rumah Sewa

wahhh...finally here i am in the 2nd most beautiful place. of course la my hometown is the most beautiful place in this world! hahahahaha

ok2, this time let me introduce you guys about my new home! hahahaha....
this year(hey its my second year here in UMT!) as a student who didn't qualified to stay in the provided hostel, i need to rent a house to stay here. i already write about that in the previous post on how i found this house.

so here we are, 8 members including me, went for shopping to complete the house er i mean our house ^__^. we went the nearest shop (Hock Kee Seng) to buy foods, toiletries, pot, baskets.....and do you want to know the total cost? RM500+...! yeah, i can't believe it too. on that time, only 5 of us went shopping. oh my MONEY ! hahahahaha....maybe we were too excited or maybe it just the woman spirit on how they spent money. ;p

nisah, sha & me decided to share the same room as we are always together. hehehehe so, we start unloaded our things and fuhh now i know how does it feel when people had to move out. =.="

as we don't have any transport yet, we decided to hop on our UMT's buses that used to come here to pick up some of our students. thank god for that and of course there is no charge for it! sarah said she will bring her family car here for us to go to our college soon. i love you sarah! hehehehehe

actually, i really want to upload some pictures of my new house but i really not in the mood to upload those pictures. hahahahaha...yeah2, i am such a lazy person ;p InsyaAllah, i'll upload some of the pictures as soon as possible! peace~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Format Laptop =.="

owh....its been a while im limiting myself for blogging. well, lappy neh buat hal plak hari 2. before neh ok ja. so by hook or by crook, kena la hantar lappy neh format. one thing yg i hate about formatting laptop is bila dh dpt blk lappy 2, i don't feel that it was my lappy. everything had changed! wawawawa.....shiro3x....! i hate when my lappy is out of my control. suma benda dh lain even my lappy dh di back up kn. i still missed my old lappy. pastu lak rasa mcm nak delete ja benda yg deorg back up kn sbb everything is useless. contoh nya skype; i need to download it back since it been direct install from the internet.ym pn sama.paling sakit hati, my cs2 adobe photoshop pn deorg dh musnahkan.igt deorg nk install balik ke kalau x pn install yg baru ke. i beli original cd to x???*eh jap2, yeke? tp still cd 2 dh hilang T__T*. can anyone tell me, back up 2 sebenarnya mcm mana and untuk apa? well, actually my lappy penah di format twice since i bought it in 2008. so, i totally out bab2 format laptop neh. one more thing, kalau folder yang di back up 2 kita delete ok x? ka de effect system de? coz, kt dalam compartment [C:] bukan ke dh ada application data and program file?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Selamat Hari Tak Jadi...!!!!!

hehehehehe....2nd July 2010 ehem2 ok2 its my younger sister's birthday! \(^0^)/ *hooray*
its her hmmm 19th birthday yesterday! hahahaha...actually, there is no surprise for her as the day before both of us went to find her birthday present; laptop.

my mom had told me to find a suitable laptop with small budget around rm2000. its been a while for me to update my own information about those little things (newest gadget). so we went for 4 shops only as we lived in such a small island! actually only 2 shops that helps us with vary kinds of laptop rather than the other 2 shops that only display us 1-2 laptops =.="

since my little sis is studying in engineering course, this ATI what so ever software is a bit helpful in her study (Autocad and bla2...). so we decided to buy her Compaq Presario CQ42. we arrived at one beautiful shop(the best shop in my hometown) to survey some laptops. it is very comfortable shop since every things in this shop are nicely arranged and the sale girl was very warm and friendly. she guided us in every little details about things that we should see before buying a laptop. she showed us some latest laptops with our little budget and yes she recommended us that one that we decided before. im a little bit envy with my little sister since my mom paid all the bills for her while i bought my lappy with my own money!

ok since she already know her gift, i asked her to pretend as she didn't knew about it! on her birthday, we went that shop again to buy it with my mom's credit card. n_n hahahaha do you want to know something? i got my payment for being my mom personal nanny for about 3 months! yahoO~ mom bought me a web cam and the most wanted 500G Seagate Expansion portable drive! omma, kamsahamida~

we went home quickly because today my father had a personal tutor for this "mak cik" to go umrah this coming august as she had no experience plus she even didn't go for my father public umrah's class before(very brilliant idea). we need to celebrate my sis birthday before that aunty come to our house. since mom had already bought a cake, i didn't have to bake one. i just need to do "air cendol" for lunch.

after Friday prayers, i called my father to eat as my youngest sis & i had done preparing the meals. so he came and complaining about my "cendol" because i put too much water and mix the cendol with the ices. ok i now i did it wrong. suddenly the jar fulled with coconut milk slipped from my father's hand and there it goes. praanggg! my cute little mug had smash into tiny little pieces on the floor. everybody look at my father and speechless. i can't say it is my fathers fault right? hahahahaha but everybody saw it! here it come; mens' ego.

father: tudung jag neh ketat sangat!
me: ulis, tolong kak nie amik kain buruk...
mak: selipar!
aah: aiman jangan pi dekat abah, satgi kena kaca!
na: hehehehe(she always can laugh even in this situation!)
ulis: kak na, neh mesti petanda buruk! o__O (how could he?) the coconut milk are every where. on the floor, all over the table, on our shirts and also on the sliding door beside the dining table! even went i ate the ramli beef nuget, i can taste the "gula merah" inside the nuget. hahahahaha. poor my little sister. her birthday was a disaster!

oh i almost forget, my father keep complaining about the cendol and mad at us. i think, he very mad about the free movie tickets that we got from pc shop as we bought laptop there. i just want to bring my little brothers to watch toys story 3. but he just didn't let us to go watch it there. he told my youngest brother that watching movie in cinema is bad. as bad as israel~ ok dad, i got it. i can't go there. hhmmm....

p/s: sorry, i didn't upload any picture because i didn't transfer the pictures into my lappy yet.