Monday, May 24, 2010


"Kebanyakan syampu di pasaran mengandungi bahan kimia merbahaya 'sodium laurel sulfate' (SLS). Nama SLS selalunya disembunyikan dan diberi nama kimia lain seperti 'diethanolime (DEA)', 'triethanolamine (TEA)', dan 'monoethanolamine (MEA)'. Sebagai pengguna, kita mesti berhati-hati dengan syampu yang kononnya dari herba atau diperbuat dari minyak kelapa. Ini kerana bahan kimia yang disebut tadi termasuklah 'sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)' dan 'disodium laureth sulfosucinate' diperbuat dengan mencampurkan 'acid lauric' atau 'lauamide MEA', 'cocamide DEA', 'cocamide MEA', dari minyak kelapa bersama asid sulfurik, dan racun yang dihasilkan ini dikatakan bahan 'semulajadi' atau 'minyak kelapa' dalam syampu yang dihasilkan."

::Mastika,m/s 65,september 2007::

baca dulu label pada produk yang korang nak beli sebab kalo ada bahan2 yg disebut di atas, bermaksud anda mungkin berisiko tinggi untuk menghadapi gangguan kesihatan seperti:
-radang kulit kepala yang teruk (sehingga bernanah dan berbisul)
-rambut gugur
-kanser (brain)
-dan juga gangguan urat saraf seperti Alzheimer's (hilang daya ingatan dan lumpuh)

racun yg digunakan dlm syampu 2 sebenarnya untuk bagi buih yg banyak dan daya meratakan syampu dengan baik. plus, racun neh sebenarnya mempunyai bahan yg sama dalam sabun cuci lantai and minyak pelincir kereta. huhuhu korang ley agak la kn letak ajax fabuloso ngn minyak kereta kt rmbut then gosok la sampai berbuih! +__+

actually i had read this article long before and i want to write it out so that pepople who doesn't know about this would aware. but it seems that i keep forgetting it and lost the article until yesterday i found it in 'Mastika sept. 2007'. but honestly, 99% syampoo at the supermarket had those ingredient. i told my mom about this then she said 'kalo mcm 2 kita kena pakai limau purut ngn santan je lah!'. hahahaha very funny mom! but, she's rite. there is no way that we could find a syampoo without SLS. even my 'himalaya herbal' syampoo still contain SLS!

what can i say, just beware and try to find the best syampoo for our hair. dont get your head bald! hahahahaha

::hey im not bald OK!!!::

Friday, May 21, 2010 you have it?

well, hari ni nk kongsi pasal passion lak. bukan passion fruit ok dear readers. :)

passion is an emotion applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. i admit i do have passion in foods. hahaha.... im so in love with foods~ especially cakes. with those bright colour deco and mouth temptation. wahh....dh meleleh air liur i. hahaha. well mak i yang the first person pujuk i try to bake a cake.

hahahaha i cant forget my first cake. from butter cake it turns out jd kek gula hangus! ntah la mcm mana boleh jd mcm that cake. tp my lovely mom said "its ok, its your first time rite?" yela kan, selama neh i bake instant cake. suma kilang dh sukat, tggu add butter and eggs ja. tiba-tiba ja my mom suh try wat kek ikot resepi kwn de.

you guys can ask me to bake you a cake but no to others such like cookies, tarts and so whatever. malas kg ckp ghenyah! mcm2 benda nak kena letak. ini la, itu la...oh please! (kalo dh xska 2 mcm2 alasan) tp kalo ajak mkn egg tart mmg x payah nk tggu lama2, im always here! ;p

lately neh i been hired by my mom; chef yg cun...eh2 mcm over ja, ok2 chef yg cute! hahaha kawaii desu~ so mmg kena masuk keluar dapur la. 24/6(jumaat aah masak lak). so here is some oh pic yg i ada utk tunjuk bukti yang mmg i minat kek! itadakimasu~~

my shinning amour!

mom's bday cake

my little sis's cake (last year)

ulis's 10th bday

smiley cake for tokwan

ok this year aah's bday cake

ari guru, tp eman suh beli bday candle kit

my cupcake b4 kena bake! ;p

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

love at first sight~

first day
i stunned at our first met
you are so perfect
you smile to me

the next day
we meet again
this time we greet each other
you smile again

and the next next day had passed
we talked about us
it was so nice to be with you

its been a year
we giggled and laughed out together

few years had passed
we now shared secrets
boys and stuffs that we love
sometimes tears would came out too

now it been years that we know each other
distance had split us apart
time had passed
but our relationship will still remain
just like the past
when we met at the first time

i love you
i cant live without you
we are meant for each other
when happy or when sad
in winter or in summer
there is no reason for us to be apart
nobody can cut our bond
because we live for each other sisTA!

dedicated to: my dear farah dina hamzah
with lots of love

p/s: sorry no teacher's poem hahahahaha

Sunday, May 16, 2010

there is a person....

there is a person that i always admire
seeing she/he is sweating, but still trying.
failure is not a word to her/him, its nothing
because there is no end for everything they do

burning their night's oil
trying to be more excellent
so that people around them could be more intelligent
so that people around them could be a better person

there she/he is, standing in front of the class
teaching the students with all her/his heart
you are such amazing person
my dear sweetest TEACHER

i will never ever forget of what you done.

p/s: this words is dedicated to my lovely friends; miss nur fatin suhaimi, arina wahida, hasni jamluddin, afif yusof,mahirah jamil, anis adibah, and all my teachers!

Friday, May 14, 2010

story book or story in a book?

i do love reading books...especially love story! it just soO romantic~ but still it just a story that been set up by the author. almost every story sound like a fairy tale. that guy must be gorgeous, tall, smart, rich and the gurl will have silky hair with fair skin and a sweet smile that melt every heart. hahaha~ that is the way people want to see a love story but the reality is: there is no such a cinderella in this modern life! suddenly it reminds me a korea drama; cinderella's stepsister. hahaha!

my mom had teach me to read before i start my kindie. she bought me so many bOoks;just thinking of it makes me dream of my own museum. hahahaha. joking~ right until now i love reading books. love story of coz! one of it is a new version of snow favourite! but sometime i just want a book that tell us the real world out there. tell us that cinderella is a liar. her glass slipper was a trick. snow white was allergic to red apples and prince charming is a chicken!

oh dear, what happen to me?? after read 'Dear John'(some of it actually), i started to think about love. does love at first sight really exist? then i found this novel 'At First Sight' by the same author Nicholas Spark. he is such amazing writer. have you watch 'A Walk To Remember'? it was him who wrote the novel before they film it into a beautiful movie~

if you really want to spend your time for some novels, i would like to suggest my favourite books;
-love lies
-a bright sight of disaster
-my best friend's girl(Dorothy Koomson)
-chocolate run (DR)
-breakfast with marshmallow
-snow (new version)
-dear john
-little black dress series

p/s: 'At First Sight' is still in progress, i'll tell you when im done reading it!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


i love you
i need you
i miss you

i'm nobody without you
you show me the world
you teach me about life
you give me everything

i love you
you are my angel
protecting me with your wings

i could bake you cakes
i could give you treats
i could buy you everything
i could do anything for you
but neither of it wouldn't compare to your sacrifices

i'll always love you
the way you love me
i'll always pray for you
the way you pray for me
i'll love you more than you love me
i'll pray for you more than you pray for me
i'll always, always love you more than anybody in this world

p/s: i love you mommy!